Guide | A.P.C Denim

Tuesday September 30, 2014


The New Standard The Parisian label’s standard fit jean is described as a ‘modern classic’. The new standard is finished with red selvedge and the top button is engraved, “A.P.C. rue Madame près du Luxembourg”. Medium rise, straight leg, fitted ankle.

The Petit Standard One of A.P.C.’s most popular cuts. This is the new standard’s more contemporary cousin – a slim, neat silhouette; this style floats between smart and casual with ease. Low rise, narrow seat, slim leg, tapered ankle.

The Petit New Standard If you’re turned off by the roominess of the New Standard but can’t quite get your legs into the slim Petit Standard, this is the denim for you. Medium rise, slim below the knees, tapered ankle.

The New Cure The slimmest cut from A.P.C., the new cure is for anyone who wants to wear their denim as a second skin. Medium rise, narrow leg, tapered ankle.



Feature | FEIT

Tuesday September 23, 2014

Established in 2005 by brothers Tull and Josh Price, Australian footwear label Feit (pronounced fight) was created as a reaction to the environmentally harmful and low-quality goods rampantly being sold on the market. With 20 years of experience in the footwear industry (Tull founded sneaker label Royal Elastics before partnering with Rag & Bone), Feit strives to create the best possible product with as minimal of an environmental impact as possible. From start to finish, each shoe is crafted by one master craftsman, with no machines used at any point in the process, using only vegetable-dyed leathers and no harmful chemicals. Ethical integrity is of the utmost importance, yet quality and craftsmanship is never compromised, with limited numbers sold of each style to maintain sustainability.

Double Stitchdown Wool Brown - $670
Double Stitchdown Wool Black - $670
Hand Sewn Low Navy - $560
Hand Sewn Low Black - $560
Double Stitchdown Wool Black - $670

Feature | Luke Meier from OAMC

Wednesday August 20, 2014

Luke Meier from OAMC stopped by the shop this week to chat about the inspiration behind their FW 2014 collection, and to teach the staff about the many minute details and innovative production methods OAMC employs.

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