Creativity, quality, and research form the groundwork for Italian label Esemplare, who have been producing handcrafted garments for over 40 years. With simple, yet sophisticated lines and superb craftsmanship, the Italian label maintains a great respect for tradition and history, while constantly exploring new technologies and innovations. A careful eye for detail and a belief that your clothes should offer you a sense of freedom instead of conformity is what exemplifies the Esemplare philosophy, resulting in garments that constantly evolve and grow, readily taking on the personality of the wearer.

The Spring/Summer 2014 collection from Esemplare offers us a range of super-versatile outerwear options with lightweight down filling and cheerful, good-natured prints. Polka dots and floral prints define the season, adding a modern sensibility to casual silhouettes, while reversible jackets and vests increase the functionality and individuality.

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