One of our most anticipated collections of the summer recently arrived in store. Dries Van Noten has been recognized as a creative force for over three decades in the world of men’s fashion. His collection for Summer 2017 continues to build a strong legacy for himself and his brand. For our feature, we decided to play with the ambiguity of the garments, emphasizing the ways in which multiple pieces can work together through a mix of compliment and contrast.

Van Noten himself remarked that Spring 2017 is a collection that is open to interpretation, and is not meant to be representative of a single vision towards the outfits. It is only fitting, then, that he chose to use floral prints sourced from Pre-Raphaelites, as those artists celebrated their own interpretation of pure beauty represented through nature.

Furthermore, the decision to create a patchwork using said images on certain garments fully drives home the ambiguity of beauty in this context. We hope that such intent to the collection translates into timeless and easy to wear pieces for our customers, whether it be a simple crewneck, a pair of trousers, or an ornate overcoat.

Dries Van Noten is available as an in-store exclusive, please e-mail for online purchase inquiries.

DRIES VAN NOTEN Spring Summer 2017

Presented by Roden Gray

Photography by Julian Lee

styling by Jacky Huang

Set Assistant Ricky Zhang

Model Michael Rieder.