In Rhythm with Nancy Lee

In Rhythm with Nancy Lee 

We follow Nancy Lee, as she takes us through her process as an interdisciplinary media artist and the importance of connection through community. In Rhythm is a project capturing the creative tempo of our community. From first thought to last action taken before sleep, we move with creatives to highlight the physical steps they take to make space for new thoughts, ideas and ways of thinking. Her exhibition entitled ‘UNION’, co-created along with artist Kiran Bhumber, takes place at the Richmond Art Gallery from April 24-June 5. The event is hosted by the Cinevolution Media Arts Society as a part of their Digital Carnival Z festival.

Nancy's Looks

Studio Look

Issey Miyake Tailored Jacket
Issey Miyake Straight Leg Trousers

Outside Look

sacai Archive Print Mix Coat
Kangol Modelaine Beret

Project Look

RG x Goodfight Full Service Sunday Coach Jacket
RG x Goodfight Full Service Sunday Sunday’s Best Trouser
Kangol Modelaine Beret

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