2017 was a year of change, for better or worse. Increased connectivity and social media usage meant that while people were much more likely to engage in collective movement, it was also easier to construct barriers to that movement. People, in pursuit of creating their social identity, looked heavily to the consumption of goods and services that help them identify with a group or idea that resonates with them.

Much of the same could be said for the fashion industry. Trends were established and destroyed over days and weeks, not months or years, and some brands have fundamentally shifted their operations to respond to this seeming chaos. Brands are now not only responsible for what they produce, it is also how they produce and show it to the public that matters. Of particular interest for us at RG is how certain brands are capable of so effortlessly creating depth in these three areas, without adopting a completely corporate mentality.

Personally, we believe the answer lies in the ethos of the brand. One value, for us at least, is a sense of constant progression and renewal instead of stagnation and safety. We want to grow, and we consider creative and corporative flexibility to be an intrinsic aspect of that growth, as it allows us to try out new ideas and partnerships.

Photography: Jomar Victoria

Model: Kobi Alleyne

PStyling Assistant: Ricky Zhang

Copy Editor: Adam Danyluk

Creative Direction/Styling: Jacky Huang

Video Soundtrack: The Fugees - The Score; Jay-Z and Dean Baquet, in Conversation.