Goodfight x Roden Gray Capsule- "Full Service Sunday"

"Full Service Sunday" plays on the culture of weekend car meet-ups and the rich heritage of American workwear.

When Goodfight first launched with the "Undertones" collection, Roden Gray was the first retailer to ever carry the brand. They took the time to introduce their label to their customers with a selection from Goodfight’s debut SS18 season, “Dreams, Sleep & Exploration.” One of the signature looks from the collection was the “Sunday’s Best” suit, a combination of a ruched ¾ sleeved coaches jacket and the namesake split-front trouser. Roden Gray and Goodfight returned to this beloved design for our “Full Service Sunday” collaboration.

The name "Sunday's Best Trouser" is an allusion to Taking Back Sunday's song "Slowdance On The Inside," which opens up with the line "Passed out in our school clothes so we'd wake up in our Sunday's best.” Designer Calvin Nguyen referenced this lyric as an homage to “broken” things, and the “backwards” approach Goodfight took when designing their debut collection. Commonly overlooked details, like seam lining, label wrapping, and custom fabric development were elevated in an effort to challenge customers to reconsider the value of everyday garments.

The Sunday's Best suit-combination was meant to give wearers a new uniform that is beautiful and subtly romantic, but is also designed with the utilitarian perspective of everyday use, where "every day should be our Sunday's best". The focal point of the capsule is a very special deadstock cotton twill sourced from a now-defunct workwear mill in North Carolina, which primarily supplied the US military with khaki for its uniforms, during World War II. The fabric was chosen as a base not only because of its heritage, but also because of its durability, comfort, and natural wear process that ages beautifully and bears the unique imprint of each owner.

People who love workwear value performance over outward appearance, instead finding beauty in imperfection and cherishing the "worn-story" that comes with age. In that same vein, "Full Service Sunday" is meant to highlight design that is more than skin-deep. It speaks to the nostalgic idea we¬– and many others who appreciate heritage fashion embrace: that “workwear isn't just about durable clothing, but is about products that are made with the same kind of integrity, courage, and hard work that the early American worker embodied. That the make of a man wasn’t just found in his possessions or social status--but whether he made an honest living with his hands, saw the world with clear eyes, and lived with a good heart.

Photography: Jomar Victoria and Bronté Tolentino

Text: Caleb Lin and Jomar Delos Santos

Videography: Hiroshi Tanaka and Jomar Victoria

Styling: Jacky Huang

Models: Antonio Gotinga, Adrian Tejada and Nelson Tam

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