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Seeing Sounds, Fall Winter 2017
Nazca Jacket

$1825.00 CAD
'Cut up' Embroidery T-Shirt

$280.00 CAD
Wool Gun Club Pants

$795.00 CAD

Sitting here in this white padded room, imagining I'm a meteor flying out through the distant space. How does tiny speckle earth destroy tomorrow, so capable of so many things, why make life taking planes? But I believe, that when you lose your route, choose the sunlight it could be your guide. No more political dreams, not another excuse, don't need another love song, we need a love bomb.

T.W.O Boots Folk

$2188.00 CAD

To just blow us away, to freaking blow the lights out, turning night to day, hear it from miles away. A chance to make it right now, fuck what the government say, we gotta save some lights now. Is that OK?

Buckle Coat
Raf Simons

$2448.00 CAD

Can't you see? This is the Truman show baby, cause when they fight who dies - it's you. Oh what if you unscrew me, we've got the same gears and same tool, but how you gonna catch up with your head hanging down, what you see staring at the ground? But I believe, even without a clue you've got sunlight, and it can be your guide. No more political dreams, not another excuse, don't need another love song we need a love bomb.

Track Jacket w/ Embroidery
Astrid Andersen

$648.00 CAD
Cosma Trouser
Barena Venezia

$398.00 CAD

$915.00 CAD

I'm trying to un-blind a few, by removing propaganda but, they must of used a devil superglue. I'm trying to take a machine apart yea, what I'm simply trying to do is have the listener take a pause. I've been down every avenue, but every body's good as gone.


Lyrics: N.E.R.D - Love Bomb
Model: Jeremy Kim | Family Management
Photography: Jomar Victoria
Stylist: Ricky Zhang, Jacky Huang
Creative Direction: Jacky Huang


Special thanks to Colette at The Federal Store!

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