The aesthetic of OAMC's SS18 collection is informed by the current state of consciousness. What is truly necessary is a positive, constructive, inclusive attitude instead of the rampant spread of negativity. Only through a higher education and a higher consciousness can this be achieved.

There should be a feeling that it is absolutely necessary to stand up and fight for what is right- the need is stronger than ever. In times of crisis, people come together. They'll march, dance and chant. However, some choose power over their morals, and when that occurs, our civilization can quickly become divided. People can and will choose to blindly follow the corrupt- those who are hungry for power with no roots in morality.

It is truly up to the individual, the collective of individuals, to create significant and lasting change. #onealwaysmoreconscious #peopleforpeace

Photography - Jeremy Lee
Photography/Set Assistant - Jomar Victoria, Adam Danyluk
Model - Jonathan Alvaraz
Styling & Creative Direction - Jacky Huang


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