Nonnative Fall Looks

Tuesday November 26, 2013

No.1: Trooper Down Vest, Dweller Sweater Wool Waffle BorderDweller Easy Rib PantTrooper Trainer HiSailor Beanie 


One of the best things about Japanese label nonnative (and there are a lot of good things about them to choose from), is that you can easily create a head to toe look solely from the items in one season’s collection. Not only do they make great shirts, pants, and outerwear, but they also make everything you need to go with them, from eyeglasses to socks. And because of the versatility of each piece, you won’t end up looking like you’re only wearing one label. We’ve put together a few looks from the nonnative Fall/Winter 2013 collection to get you started, but check out the entire collection here.

No.2: Rider JumperDweller 5P JeanRancher Quilted ShirtRancher ShirtOfficer Gloves by GRIPSWANY


No.3: Satin Bomber JacketDweller Sweater Wool WaffleDweller Chambray ShirtTrooper Hi Top TrainerDweller Tight Fit JeansOfficer Socks Hi