Launched in 2005, Nanamica was born from humble and diverse roots as a line of basics that helped to round out the selections in their collaboration centric store in the Daikenyama district of Tokyo. With an understanding that "sports", "work" and "military" must be the three key aspects for inspiration in men's clothing, they began experimenting with modern technical fabrics such as GoreTex and Wind-Stopper and how best to combine them with more traditional materials like cotton and nylon in order to create clothing with both proper function and aesthetics. 

People began to take notice, demand began to increase and with it, the size of their collections. Today the line encompasses everything from the iconic cycling bags, outerwear, tailored goods, classic button up shirts, daily essentials pieces and accessories. 



With attention to detail and subtle ingenuity, Nanamica has managed to successfully blend a traditional design ethos with technical functionality, creating an aesthetic that is appreciated all over the world.


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