WH SS09 Footwear

Our shipment of W+H's new sneaker collection has finally dropped. Perforated Italian Nappa is the name of the game this season, with both low tops and the white high top in the light, breathable leather. Zippers are back for all of the high tops and white rubber soles are the norm for the entire collection. The high top comes in a new colorway as well; it's a very subtle dark blueish gray. All shoes are available from size 6 to 12 (39 to 45 European), though they run about a size larger than marked. Pictures, descriptions and pricing after the jump.

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All prices listed are in CAD.

All shoes are made in Italy of Nappa leather.

  1. Perforated White Low Top. $338 + Tax.
  2. Perforated Black Low Top. $338 + Tax.
  3. Perforated White High Top w/Zipper. $378 + Tax.
  4. Black High Top w/Zipper. $378 + Tax.
  5. Gray High Top w/Zipper. $378 + Tax.