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Interview | Wings + Horns x Porter Collaboration

Wednesday November 09, 2011

Wings + Horns, Porter and Beams Japan teamed up together to produce a small capsule collection of bags that features signature Wings + Horns fabric in three classic Porter styles. We had a chat with Craig Atkinson and Davidson Manaloto from Wings + Horns about how the collaboration came about:

Roden Gray: Could you tell me what you think about Porter as a brand?

Davidson Manaloto: Porter is a great brand with great products, unfortunately for North America we don’t really get to see too much of their product.

Craig Atkinson: An authentic Japanese luggage company that has timeless, classic product.

RG: What is your personal history with Porter?

CA: I bought my first Porter Helmut bag about 11 years ago and I still use it almost every day. It actually still looks new.

[caption id="attachment_8348" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Porter x Wings + Horns 3 Way Bag"][/caption]

RG: What do you think about Wings + Horns this season?

DM: I'm really excited! It’s the first season I worked on and the response from retailers so far has been great.

CA: The Fall 2011 season was super enjoyable to work on with the new energy brought in by Davidson. I hope our customers see the results in the product.

RG: Why do you think Wings + Horns and Porter are a good fit for a collaboration?

DM: It's good because we have never done bags before. I think without the help of Porter we couldn’t bring a product as good as the one we have here.

CA: I think we both have similar brand values: timeless quality products that are hand-crafted locally. It makes sense for us to work with like-minded people.

[caption id="attachment_8349" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Porter x Wings + Horns Boston Bag"][/caption]

RG: How did the opportunity come about? How did Beams get involved?

CA: Beams has been a long time partner with CYC and a big supporter to Wings + Horns. When I told them I wanted to work on a project with them and Porter, they essentially fast-tracked a one year wait process down to a 3 month window. We are selling this program exclusively at the Bjirushi store (Beams and Porter shop) in Japan.

RG: Who chose the three models to do and why?

DM: It was a team decision. I think it was just bags that we all appreciated and thought would do well. We also wanted to keep it in the tanker series so we could keep that great orange lining. It also helped with the theme of the set, a weekend a bag, a briefcase bag, and then a pouch (or toiletry bag) the only 3 bags you would need for a trip out of the city.

[caption id="attachment_8350" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Porter x Wings + Horns Toiletries Bag"][/caption]

RG: What was the decision-making behind the design choices for the bags?

DM: Like I said, we wanted to work within the tanker series but make it a little more interesting. We did a waterproof chambray jacket a couple seasons ago and it was a really great fabric so we decided to make the bags out of them. It makes them water-resistant which is great for the Vancouver weather.

RG: Who do you think will like the bags? What do you see them being used for?

DM: Anyone could use these bags, I even think women could appreciate them. I'm personally using them for travel, the boston bag for my clothes and that extra pair of shoes, the 3-way bag for my computer and notes, and the pouch for toiletries.

Shop the new collection here.

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