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Monday June 25, 2012

We always try to curate a well selected collection of clothing in our store, and when choosing lifestyle goodies for everyone, we try to apply the same selectivity. Our book collection at Roden Gray is the perfect example of carefully selected Art, Fashion and Literature. So pop by the store and browse the Roden Gray Library today!

Rodney Graham - Song Book $39.00, Stan Douglas - Abbott & Cordova 7 August 1971 $40.00, DMT - $30.00, Tim Barber - Untitled Photographs $38.00 - In-Store & Online Soon!

Elizabeth McIntosh - a good play $24.95, Ron Terada: Who I Think I Am $107.99, Mark Borthwick - "not in fashion" $57.50, JSBJ Bruit De Fond - Background Noise $60.00 - In-Store & Online Soon!

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