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Interview | Sydney Mamane of United Stock Dry Goods

Friday May 31, 2013

Sydney Mamane of United Stock Dry Goods

Shop Visit | Sydney Mamane of United Stock Dry Goods

Toronto-based menswear label United Stock Dry Goods came from the collaboration between Michael Cavaggioni and Sydney Mamane, who together bring a unique understanding of the men’s contemporary market as a result of their combined years of experience in the garment and bespoke tailoring industries. With a modern and minimalist aesthetic, the label concentrates on classic fits, quality tailoring traditions, and high fabric standards. The use of high quality Japanese fabrics and selvedge denim, combined with strict North American production values make United Stock a perfect option for classic wardrobe pieces at an attractive price.

We recently got the chance to sit down with designer and master of raw denim Sydney Mamane to talk about the label, his own personal denim history, and what we can expect to look forward to in upcoming seasons.

RG: When did you start United Stock Dry Goods ?
SM: We began work in 2011 and debuted the collection for the Spring Summer 2012 season.

RG: Could you tell us a bit about what your history before United?
SM: Eight years as a wardrobe technician in the film industry, two years as a tailor’s apprentice, two years offering custom denim and bespoke suiting, and then eight years (and counting) of retail.

RG: What was the very first pair of jeans you owned?
SM: I was obsessed with raw Levi’s red tab when I was 10. My father thought it was a ridiculous idea spending $24 on a pair of jeans. Thankfully he succumbed to my infantile complaining.


RG: What is your all-time favorite pair of jeans? Why?
SM: Every new pair is my favorite! That’s why I got into designing jeans — the pursuit of the perfect pair. Each fresh pair inhabits the present, which I find most relevant and I only wear one pair until they fall off my body.

RG: What's your secret for extending the lifetimes of your jeans?
SM: DO NOT WASH THEM! Leave them in a freezer overnight to kill any bacteria and air out the fabric, but remember to remove ice cubes or you’ll certainly be surprised when taking a sip of your favourite beverage! Otherwise, dry cleaning may remove a hint of colour but will maintain the denims’ structure.

RG: How has the industry changed with the influx of younger, more fashion conscious retailers and customers?
SM: There is new generation of retailers that genuinely care about where and how garments are produced. I see retailers as educators -- communicating a better understanding to customers about the landscape in the garment industry. It’s great to see local companies finding creative solutions to maintain production in North America.


RG: What do you think makes United Stock Dry Goods special and different from other denim companies?
SM: You get the very best denim available in the market, while maintaining a reasonable price. Denim has humble roots in workwear and I feel should be accessible.

RG: Is there anything new from United that you're most excited about for the up-coming season?
SM: I’ve been doing a lot of research on the history of indigo as a dye stuff, which we introduced in several components of the collection.


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