When I travel I tend to be drawn to clean, but interesting objects that serve a function and help me with my work days. Here I’ve selected a couple items such as Aesop, which is the best skin care product I’ve yet to encounter, Linda Farrow Collaboration Dries van Noten Sunglasses (I own a navy pair) and a HNDSM bracelet, which is the only thing I wear on my wrist other than a watch. Others include a Maison Martin Margiela iPhone Wallet and Money clip because you can’t always use plastic and my two favourite Dries van Noten accessories pieces; A pair of Leather Gloves and the best Back Pack I’ve ever seen.

Dries van Noten |  Sunglasses | $410.00 (In Store, Inquire Online)

Maison Martin Margiela | Leather iPhone Wallet | $268.00

HNDSM |  Kilimanjaro Bracelet | $110.00

Maison Martin Margiela | Ruler Money Clip | $365.00

Dries van Noten | Leather Gloves | $485.00 (In Store, Inquire Online)

Aesop | Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol | $33.00

Dries van Noten | Canvas Backpack | $1,105.00 (In Store, Inquire Online)