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Inspiration | George Condo

Tuesday August 09, 2016


So I’ve been listening to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on repeat for the past 3 days with Runaway, Blame Game, and Lost in the World on different time frames of the day. You guys can hate on Kanye all you want but to be real, you'll need to respect his perspective and vision and the fact that he's just not listening to anybody? To prove my point, play any album from his any of his previous releases and tell me you can’t singalong or bob your head to any single, I’ll buy you coffee/pizza/ice cream; they say that all geniuses are crazy/mentally challenged in some ways and I guess he’s a pretty damn good example of that.


In addition to his vision in terms of musical talent, MBDTF has quite the story with the album art. Following Graduation, which Kanye worked with Murakami, George Condo created the artwork for this album. George Condo has been cited as taking inspiration from American caricature, Greek mythological characters, dark humor, and family portraits.


Coining the term “Artificial Realism”, or in other words the realistic representation of that which is artificial, his work daringly fuses the sensibilities of European Old Master painting with references to American pop culture, including Playboy magazine, Batman, and Bugs Bunny. Here's a video to give you a little BG check and his works, check it.

"Condos in my condo I want a row of." - Picasso Baby, Jay Z.


- Jacky outs. 

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