Black Lives Matter: Where and How You Can Contribute

This week has been the culmination of an incredibly tense ongoing political situation between the American state and its Black community. A situation that has boiled over as systemic and outward expressions of oppressive violence have reached a global audience through visual media. As people watching from the outside in, we sometimes wonder how we can affect change from our geographical and positional distance.

One idea we discussed with our team was showing commitment to supporting the Black community through tangible and ongoing actions. Not only must we stand with the Black community vocally, but we must put out tangible efforts to solidify our position as allies, especially at this time when our allyship is needed the most.

Below is a comprehensive list of resources where you can educate, donate and commit to affective action. However you may use your privilege, please consider that real lives are at stake, and it is only through collective efforts to enact social and institutional change that we may live in a future free from oppression and discrimination in all forms.




International Resources:

Updated - 06-05-20