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Inspiration | Blow Up

Wednesday September 07, 2016


If you’re like me then one of the best things to do after a long day is to unwind on the couch by watching a good film. The other day I found myself searching for something to watch when I came across a film I had watched a while ago in university. Blow Up (1966) by writer/director Michelangelo Antonioni is his view of the world of fashion, and an engaging, provocative murder mystery that examines the existential nature of reality interpreted through photography. Set in London, the film provides an interesting insight into the over sexualized nature of the fashion industry during the 60’s. A time well known for its trends including the Beatles, stick-thin fashion models, and the mod styles at Carnaby Street, Blow Up quickly became one of the most important films of the decade. The wardrobe is also synonymous with the fashion trends of the 60’s and provides a moment of laughter at times during a rather serious film. Antonioni’s film follows the quest of a photographer at the pinnacle of his career who believes he witnessed a murder. The story quickly progresses into a game of cat and mouse shot in both still and moving images featuring scenes in black and white juxtaposed against psychedelic colours culminating in a unique viewing experience. 



For a film produced in 1966 I found myself genuinely invested in each scene and though the film was void of any intense special effects and explosions my experience watching the film was just as exciting as any big screen movie of the 20th century. In a generation obsessed with theatricality the stories and meanings behind these films often get lost. Blow Up is the perfect combination of cinematography and story. Not to mention a rare look at an industry many people are outsiders to during one of the most progressive periods in fashion history. If you find yourself with some spare time highly recommend checking out Blow Up, you certainly won’t regret it. 

- Julian


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