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Knowledge with OAMC's Arnaud Faeh

Tuesday October 11, 2016


A few days ago we had the pleasure of hosting Arnaud Faeh of OAMC. The brands co-founder was only in town for a day and was gracious enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to stop by the store and drop some knowledge for our staff. 

Since the brands inception in 2013, OAMC has seen a variety of success - quickly establishing itself in the fashion market by innovating traditional menswear for the contemporary consumer. Every season the brand looks to a unified theme to draw inspiration for each garment. The Fall/Winter 2016 collection from OAMC focuses on the concept of flight and it’s many translations. Quite literally this seasons translation as it's initials stands for Oscar, Alpha, Mike and Charlie, all common identifiers in the military. 



Beginning with birds and nature, OAMC works in layering techniques, graphic knits and prints, with real feathers used as accents in the garments and jewellery. Next they look at manned flight and the contributions made by the military, with hand painted WWII decorations, knit jacquard camouflage, and military construction and details.By examining the contributions made from military developments, OAMC then turns their thoughts to peace, with the dove becoming a symbol of the collection, incorporating it into prints, knits, and sculpted metals. The silhouette for the season is oversized and layered with sharp tailoring and custom fabrics accenting the innovative construction techniques and high level of quality that they are known for.

A huge thanks to Arnaud for coming through to share his experience with our staff and to OAMC for continuing to push the boundaries of contemporary mens fashion. 

- Julian

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