Roden Gray: Lunar New Year 2021

Wishing good fortune to all this Lunar New Year! Community is our driving force, it is and always has been the core of Roden Gray — this year we decided to highlight four of our favourite restaurants in our local Chinatown.

Visit us in-store this weekend between February 12th and 15th to take part in our New Year celebration and receive a red envelope with every in-store purchase. Among other surprises, we’ll be giving out red envelopes with gift cards to DDMAU, New Town Bakery, Chinatown BBQ and The Boss Bakery & Restaurant.

Learn more about the local businesses you’ll be supporting:

DDMAU - 145 E Pender St, Vancouver

Opened by siblings Kim and Kon Tran in 2012, DDMAU is all about bringing an authentic Vietnamese street food experience to the masses. You can find grab-and-go options like their BBQ Pork Banh Mi with bigger rice, vermicelli and Pho noodle dishes, along with a selection in-house coffee beans, pickled veg and import beers. Their larger, event-ready space in Chinatown (opened in 2018) usually hosts a series of nightlife events that we’re hoping to attend when things open up again.

Check out our most recent interview with owner, Kim Tran and get to know a little more about our friends over at DDMAU.

NEW TOWN BAKERY - 148 E Pender St, Vancouver

A classic Chinatown fixture, family-owned New Town Bakery has been serving steamed buns to the local community for over 40 years. Open as early as 6:30AM, be sure to check out their mixed menu of Chinese and Filipino breakfast buns, pastries and Dim Sum along with more traditional lunch and dinner offerings to hit all of your cravings in one place. Don’t forget to grab a red-bean filled sesame ball (Jian Dui), as those are a must this Lunar New Year.

CHINATOWN BBQ - 130 E Pender St, Vancouver

If you’re in the mood for award-winning BBQ Cha Shu, Curry Beef Brisket or the richness of BBQ duck, this is your spot. Whether you love meat or traditional Chinese food, be prepared to be impressed with anything off Chinatown BBQ’s menu. They offer take out or a relaxed dining experience in their historical space on Pender Street. Opened in 2017 by Carol Lee, Chinatown BBQ is about brining an affordable but delicious dining experience with some of the area’s heritage proudly displayed on the walls and in every bite.

THE BOSS BAKERY & RESTAURANT - 532 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2T9

Located right off busy Main Street, The Boss Bakery & Restaurant has been serving a huge selection of Hong Kong style pastries, cakes and comfort food for sweet and savoury lovers for over three decades. Now with over 15 bakeries and restaurants in the lower mainland, The Boss Bakery & Restaurant continues to cook delicious Cantonese fare with one of the best daily combos at $8.95 plus a drink. It also has a convenient bakery at the front if you lack time but need something quick and delicious — like a pineapple bun with butter (off their secret menu).