Editorial | Satisfy Spring Summer 17

Friday April 07, 2017


We're excited to present our latest editorial featuring one of our favourite brands, Satisfy Running. The Paris based technical running brand is developed as a well-rounded answer to the contemporary "cult of running," Satisfy is a brand born from a highly-functional aesthetic fused with a selection of modern day design ideals and material solutions. Check out our selection for Spring/Summer 17 collection below and shop the collection here.


Introducing | Visvim

Wednesday March 08, 2017


Founded in 2000 by Japanese designer Hiroki Nakamura, visvim is an ongoing exploration of joy and timeless beauty. Happiness through creation is the driving force behind Nakamura’s designs, with American workwear references informing the end result.

We are excited and honoured to be one of the select few stock list carrying the Japanese cult favourite brand. Shop the collection in store now and online here.  


Introducing | Gentle Monster

Wednesday December 07, 2016


New to Roden Gray this season is South Korea-based eyewear brand Gentle Monster. The brand’s creative eyewear makes a bold statement whether accessorizing global fashion week runways or being a part of cutting-edge artist collaborations. With their avant-garde shapes and vivid colors, Gentle Monster sunglasses have attracted a cult following of celebrities and trendsetters worldwide. Shop the collection now in store or online and check out our recent creative shoot for examples of our favourite Gentle Monster products. 






Introducing | AYLX x Fragment Design

Wednesday November 23, 2016


We're excited about the latest collaboration from notable designers Hiroshi Fujiwara and Matthew Williams.  

While ALYX has been primarily a women’s brand up until now, the new collection will feature a range of male-friendly silhouettes such as classic trousers, button-ups and tees.

As Matthew Williams has masterminded with various creative geniuses from Kanye West to Lady Gaga, his design chops and experience is extremely apparent in subtle details and bold graphic labeling.

Check out some detail shots from the collection above and shop the entire collaboration in store now or online here

Lookbook | Purple

Wednesday November 02, 2016


A brand at the intersection of street and luxury, PURPLE was created to meet the needs of a sophisticated consumer demanding quality and value. The founders, bringing together their respective skills from retail, manufacturing, sales, and design- recognized a need for an authentic brand that could create a fashion forward product across a spectrum of categories with value at its core.









Knowledge with OAMC's Arnaud Faeh

Friday October 07, 2016


A few days ago we had the pleasure of hosting Arnaud Faeh of OAMC. The brands co-founder was only in town for a day and was gracious enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to stop by the store and drop some knowledge for our staff. 

Since the brands inception in 2013, OAMC has seen a variety of success - quickly establishing itself in the fashion market by innovating traditional menswear for the contemporary consumer. Every season the brand looks to a unified theme to draw inspiration for each garment. The Fall/Winter 2016 collection from OAMC focuses on the concept of flight and it’s many translations. Quite literally this seasons translation as it's initials stands for Oscar, Alpha, Mike and Charlie, all common identifiers in the military. 



Beginning with birds and nature, OAMC works in layering techniques, graphic knits and prints, with real feathers used as accents in the garments and jewellery. Next they look at manned flight and the contributions made by the military, with hand painted WWII decorations, knit jacquard camouflage, and military construction and details.By examining the contributions made from military developments, OAMC then turns their thoughts to peace, with the dove becoming a symbol of the collection, incorporating it into prints, knits, and sculpted metals. The silhouette for the season is oversized and layered with sharp tailoring and custom fabrics accenting the innovative construction techniques and high level of quality that they are known for.

A huge thanks to Arnaud for coming through to share his experience with our staff and to OAMC for continuing to push the boundaries of contemporary mens fashion. 

- Julian

Introducing | Davidson Manaloto - Wonders

Friday October 07, 2016


We sat down briefly with our good friend Davidson, designer of Wonders. Peep below for the conversation!

In brief, can you give us a little background as to who you are?

My name is Davidson Manaloto, I currently reside in New York City. Prior to that I lived in Vancouver working for a well-known Vancouver based menswear brand and where I met the Roden Gray family. I am formally trained as a mechanical engineer and chose to pursue fashion design after feeling uninspired. I recently had the chance to create a new brand, Wonders, and I am extremely excited for people to see the garments that I always wanted to create.

What was your first fashion memory?

It’s really hard to pinpoint exactly what my first fashion memory was, but I do remember learning at a young age that the way you dress and carry yourself says a lot about who you are and how people perceive you. My grandpa was a tailor and I think he instilled this in his children and that was also instilled in me.

When did you know that you wanted to start a brand, do you think there’s something missing in the industry when you started Wonders? 

When I started in design I thought I wanted a brand, to create clothing I wanted but couldn’t always find. That changed as I worked in the industry. I thought I could be happy with just working for other brands and companies. I transitioned to just doing contract work and consulting and had a change of heart again but I had all these things I needed to have to start a brand. One of the most important was to find someone that trusted me and could handle more of the production. In one of my last contract jobs I met someone that I really clicked with and Wonders was born. My goal for the brand is just to show people my perspective on fashion and hopefully they enjoy it.

How did the name Wonders come up?

The name itself doesn’t have this crazy story behind it, but I was drawn towards it because of the duality of the meanings. The word wonders can be something amazing, but can also mean curiousness. These are things that I strive for as I design for the brand, this desire to learn to create newness as well as something inspiring. This duality also ties to the goal of modernizing classic menswear style and also selfishly wishing women would wear Wonders.

Coming from a small contemporary menswear brand, than moving onto a corporate menswear company - what are the positive and negative aspects of having to work with a design team, a corporate company than to a brand on your own?

In design I think there will always be the same positives and negatives. Trying to create product and clothing that is unique as well as saleable at any level always has the same hurdles. With working on my own brand not only do those design problems exist but I also have to deal with the business side, which is a whole other level of things. On the plus side its always exciting to have people and stores being really excited about what your doing and creating and it being my personal vision just makes it that much better.

Has moving from Vancouver to NYC change or shape your perspective differently in terms of what you view/design in “menswear”?

I’ve been going back and forth between Vancouver and New York for a while now so I can’t really say there’s been a profound change. I would have to say just seeing the diversity of how people dress in New York gives you a little more confidence when creating more designed pieces.

Where do you draw your inspirations, is there a specific person or an era that comes to mind when you’re designing the collection?

Every season is different and our perspective can change from season to season. It could be a person, or movement, or some type of art or graphic that gets the ball rolling. In terms of pieces I’m definitely always looking at vintage pieces, whether that be military, sportswear, etc. We are products of our environment and growing up on hip-hop, skateboarding, and basketball has shaped the way I interpret inspiration season after season.


Wonders is now available in-store, and online here.