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What You Need to Know | Thom Browne S/S17

Wednesday July 06, 2016

We all know you love Thom Brown and everything he has to offer. After all he is the man who made four bars iconic as well taking grosgrain ribbon from a nice accent on a gift box to a nice accent on a shirt. His crazy runway shows are what have made him so entertaining and somehow he seems to keep blowing us away with a new kind of spectacle season after season.  This seasons Spring/Summer 17 collection was his craziest collection to date full of theatrics, birds, sharks and wetsuits. Need I say more?

Heres a quick play by-play of what you missed out on this Spring/Summer 2017 collection. 


1. The Show Starts before The Show Really Starts 

An anonymous man sat on the stage by a palm tree while audience members settled themselves into their seats. Was he part of the show or was he simply tired of all the hype and was taking a rest? We never really did find out. Either way he hasn't been seen since. 

2. Seeing Double!

You do not need to be a huge fan of Thom Browne to know that Thom loves a good uniform look. And whats not to love? As humans we love seeing the same thing over and over. Why do you think everyone keeps buying Thom Browne season after season! 

3. Take Off That Wetsuit Your Getting it Wet!

Ok well not really but at some point every model in the show took of their wetsuit to reveal real suits underneath ( Get it? It's a suit that can be worn as a wetsuit! Touché Mr.Browne you've surprised us yet again.) 

Lots of colour, print, and classic Thom Browne proportions were revealed as models unzipped their wetsuits to show the real runway pieces. 

4. Dance Little Monkey Dance! 

5. Surfs Up!

Not sure how real surfers will respond to Thom Browne creating a limited edition Thom Browne surfboard but here in the fashion world it wouldn't be fashionable if we didn't take it from a popular sub-culture, paste our favourite brand name on it, and sell it for triple the regular price! Joking aside these prints were perfect for appearing bright and colourful this surf season. 



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