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Rodney Graham The Rodney Graham Songbook

Rodney Graham The Rodney Graham Songbook

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Rodney Graham is internationally acclaimed for his literary and conceptual artworks, cinematic installations, costume dramas and as a singer-songwriter. Over the years, he has blurred the line between visual art and music with works such as How I Became a Ramblin' Man, Zabriskie Point and The Phonokinetoscope.

This hardcover monograph, subtitled This Is the Only Living I've Got, Don't Take It Away From Me, contains the lyrics and chords to 39 of his songs. The form is that of a popular songbook, featuring images of the artist, his band and new artwork. Includes a bonus CD of rare cover songs.

Edited by Christoph Keller, Kathy Slade.

© 2006 Rodney Graham, the Charles H. Scott Gallery/Emily Carr Institute Press and JRP|Ringier