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S.N.S. Herning


Founded in 1931 by Soren Nielsen Skyt, knitwear company S.N.S. Herning was originally created to meet the demand of the fishermen in his hometown of Herning, Denmark, who needed warm and durable sweaters for their days and nights at sea. His signature "bobble" knit fisherman sweaters, specially designed to provide extra insulation and strength against the harsh elements, proved to be so popular and functional that the label still uses the same strict design and production guidelines for them that Soren originated in the early 20th century. Although different knits have naturally been added to their collections since then, some of the original designs are reproduced every season with no changes other than subtle colour variations. With only a small number of skilled knitters employed at their modest factory in Denmark, collections are exclusive and limited in quantity. Each piece is signed by the person who made it, and the emphasis on tradition and craftsmanship is what makes these sweaters long-standing staple items.

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