As innovative and experimental as Japanese label Sacai may be, at it’s heart is a desire to transform classical, basic garments into timeless and elegant staple items that can easily transition from one occasion to the next. Designer Chitose Abe established the line in 1999 after eight years working on the Junya Watanabe line for Comme Des Garçons, and has become known for her clever play with shape and proportion, as well as her juxtaposition of contrasting fabrics and textures. Unique and well crafted, these careful renderings of classic styles create a refreshing and distinctive alternative to conventional menswear.

Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange was the inspiration for Sacai’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, with bowler hats, white bomber jackets, and Nadsat terminology embroidered on t-shirts. The violent theme continued with the colour scheme of bright pink, but there is also a very wearable pineapple motif, along with Central and South American-themed textiles. Bring all of these together and you get a multi-layered collection that can easily be broken down and thoughtfully integrated into a modern wardrobe.