Here we go again - another season, another shoot for one of our favorite brand - OAMC.


The shoot was done in a former military airfield and communication station by Boundary Bay, BC. After the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan came into effect in 1939, the Royal Canadian Air Force began looking for locations at which to train aircrew for the Second World War. Close to 80 years later, North 40 Park Reserve is now a place for eagles to nest in Spring – during our shoot, it was estimated that almost 300 eagles were accompanying us. 

The intent of the shoot was not only to highlight the beautiful pieces from OAMC, but to create a story through your own imagination, for the substance is interrelated… We are all crew, rather than passengers on 'Spaceship Earth'. 

The collection Only A Micro Cosm raised many thoughts for us, thanks to creative director Luke Meier's depth of imagination and inspiration. Nonetheless, and with Marshall McLuhan’s phrase “march backwards into the future” in mind, we encourage everyone to look into the past with positivity and anticipate what’s to come tomorrow. It is together that we can create a new possibility for action, for the whole is great than the sum of its parts.

Models: Aaron Pharness (Family Management) and Trey Latty (Alaeria Agency)

Photographers: Jeremy Lee, Jomar Victoria, Andrew Milligan

Videographer: Kyle Murdoch

Set Assistant: Ricky Zhang

Styling and Art Direction: Jacky Huang<

Audio Credit: Lim Giong - Walk With Me; Lim Giong - Fly to the Sky; Buckminster Fuller - Spaceship Earth