Roden Gray Presents: A Night at Studio 8

Roden Gray Presents: A Night at Studio 8

In one of our first creative meetings this year, we went through a brainstorming exercise to decide what we thought Spring Summer meant to all of us. As cliché as it sounds, we’re at cusp of a new decade. This presents us with a unique opportunity to rediscover who we are and what we represent. Half of our office crew were new hires, and our brand saw major changes towards the end of 2019.

We started off by mood boarding colours, imagery, music, films and associated words. We played with some interesting ideas and reworked our conceptions of others. Spring can be thought of as a “new beginning” for many, but at the same time Spring can also be seen as a time of renewal; an opportunity for improvement on the selves we had already built, while opening fresh ways of seeing the world around us. This encouraged us to look carefully on how we want to represent ourselves in the future.

The word abundance can be interpreted in many different ways, but many of us would view the word positively, as it represents an idea of growth that typically happens through opportunistic sacrifice. However, it is important to consider the inverse meaning of abundance, as balance exists in all perspectives. Let’s be real, thoughts of overwhelm and anxiety can also come in abundance, and what we’re currently experiencing is solid proof of that.

We decided to go a bit deeper to discuss what this time of reset meant to us. We wanted to strip back our layers and search for our core meaning that motivated us to start in the first place. This exploration helped us look at our true intentions: why we do what we do, what our purpose is, and what our conscious place is within this industry.

Our goal is to be a bridge for the brands we work with, and of course, you guys. Your interests, tastes, and needs are at the core of our experience. Without you all, we wouldn’t be where we are today, especially after 12 years of operating.

In February of this year, we had the thought of launching something new as a seasonal editorial. With high hopes and great excitement, we found a great location near the store and our studio: a forgotten restaurant-bar space, ran by a wonderful lady by the name of Lana. We were able to partner up for a month before things started to shift.

We wanted to present our updated and renewed vision for Studio 8. The concept, ironically, is to portray a place where we can all gather and celebrate our differences, commonalities, as well as our loves and interests for clothing, art, music, and film in abundance. Here’s a glimpse into something that hopefully, we can get back to working on…

Special thanks to the models:
and Lincoln at Legends Cafe. Austin and Val at Times Agency. Aaron at Family Management. Sam at Roden Gray.