Roden Gray Presents: Today's Youth Tomorrow's Leaders

Today’s Youth Tomorrow’s Leaders

The crest of this year has fallen, and with autumn’s steady approach we find ourselves remembering its last warm breath.

For this challenging new decade, we look forward with hope and resolution towards the wave break, where a new generation has risen up from the swell.

Today’s Youth Tomorrow’s Leaders speaks of a generation faced with a renewed opportunity for change. We alone hold the responsibility to empower, nurture and grow this new wave. Like an older sibling, our youth look to us for support and needed direction.

We are as much a part of this world as the ones who shaped it before us. Just like the youth, who were thrust into conflict and responsibility with little choice – who we are, shapes our next outcome.

We joined Val and his little twin brothers for a park day (some Slurpees) and styled them in our favourite gear from Kangol, Awake NY, Goodfight and Bianca Chandôn.

Photography: Jomar Victoria

Text: Jomar Delos Santos

Layout: Bronté Tolentino

Videography: Hiroshi Tanaka and Jomar Victoria

Styling: Jacky Huang

Models: Val, Mo and Ali Dukuly