Pauline's Picks

Pauline's Picks

Hi, this is Pauline. Pauline is a store OG and one of our most talented team members!

You might have seen some of her illustrations at Roden Gray, but she’s also an amazing musician and upcoming stylist with a signature taste you won’t see elsewhere. Pauline came through the studio with her best picks for the season and some of her favourite accessories to pull all her chosen looks together. Thanks Pauline!

COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT - Futura Coach Jacket in Print A

You can’t say no to this lovely print coach jacket. I was attracted at first glance – also the paint matched with my rings and earrings. This jacket is just the icing on the cake to complete your total look.

Bianca Chandôn - Vintage Silk Chiffon Short Sleeve Shirt in Brown/Pink Floral

I’m always into vintage silk or cotton shirts. This brown-based silk shirt with the subtle pink floral details is so easy to wear with any of the styles I own. The reason why I picked this piece is because I want it to stay summer all the time!

Fumito Ganryu - Box Pleat Button Up Shirt in White

Martine Rose - Marquee Jumper in Dark Rose


A classic outfit for the autumn season, this clean white shirt embellished with the delicate suit collar and the burgundy knit scarf adds more of a mellow tone for this look.

I’d say the whole vibe from these autumn looks was kind of inspired by the album "async" by Ryuichi Sakamoto. The Ambient music from "async" blended in with the sounds of rain and nature and gave me a very distinct experience. It’s moody and gray-ish which reflects the Autumn season so well.

You can check out all of Pauline’s Staff Picks online and in-store at 8 Water Street.