Gray Radio Playlist #5

Gray Radio: Playlist #5.

We gathered a couple tracks from each team member for Playlist #5. Tune in, move and relax to some of our favourite sounds.

Opening up with latin-inspired influences from the 70’s and 80’s, Playlist #5 picks up the pace with energetic jazz-funk intros. Soul-soothing balladry from Brazil and Hong Kong slows things down before passing the mic to a couple of hip-hop greats and seasoned newcomers with something to say.

The playlist then shifts to more laid back, experimental palettes, where glitchy, ethereal production finds a comfortable home with transitory acoustics. Dance tracks and neo-soul injected energy moves the playlist forward, before providing needed spaces of reflection with recognizable and obscure moments of nostalgia. Playlist #5 winds down with quieter sounds, each infused with diverse layers of industrial samples, cocooning horns, and relaxing ambient vocals.

Enjoy and listen with care: