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Roden Gray celebrated its 10th Anniversary at the end of 2017. Leading into 2018, we are pleased to offer exclusive collaborations with seven select brands. The underlying theme of the RG10 collection is a utilitarian approach to life in the Pacific Northwest—which we feel lucky to call our home. This is best represented by direct and subtle references to military dress codes, known to withstand heavy and repeated use. These RG10 collaborations represent our most timeless yet relevant partnerships—we can promise that you will not want to miss out on these limited and highly personal pieces. Stay tuned via social media or email for more information.

Release date: January 26, 2018
Two pieces were produced by OAMC for the RG10 collection. Both pieces feature the phrase “Do What Thou Wilt”, taken from the early 20th-century philosophical movement known as the Cult of Thelema. The BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) jacket is the most popular military design in the world, renowned for its high utility and minimal aesthetic.

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Release date: February 2, 2018
The READYMADE and RG10 collaboration is a variant of READYMADE's Jesse Jacket, featuring custom details and a removable high-visibility orange interior lining, as opposed to the traditional olive green normally seen on the style. Please email info@rodengray.com to purchase. See Jesse Jacket
Release date: February 11, 2018
Since its start in 2009, Herschel has been a key travel accessories outfitter in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The collaborative RG10 products emphasize the Vancouver lifestyle, with utility-driven designs featuring water-resistent sailcloth and reflective details for low-light situations.

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Release date: February 16, 2018
The jeans created for RG10 mimic a vintage, do-it-yourself approach to product customization. Jeans are distressed and a layer of metallic paint is applied at various locations on the garment, increasing visibility without the use of 3M. The back pockets are finished with a FRAMIS tape seal, intended to be broken as necessary, revealing a custom product identification tag.
John Elliott
Release date: TBA
A key piece of John Elliott’s main line, the oversized cropped hoodie, has been customized for RG10. Production changes in Japan, from start to finish, ensure a unique product. Japanese fleeced-back terry is used as the source fabric, for comfort and durability in daily use. A custom paint finish is applied by hand to the upper portion of the hoodie, creating a colourway exclusive to RG10.
Release date: TBA
An interpretation of the traditional military B-15 flight jacket produced exclusively for RG10, featuring high-density water-repellent nylon construction for durability. Features signature ALYX hardware on the arm zipper. In a subtle nod to the American dream, an exclusive reflective back graphic references the Los Angeles street where ALYX creator Matthew Williams grew up.
Common Projects
Release date: TBA
RG10's take on the chelsea boot, in collaboration with Common Projects. Waxed water-repellent suede is accented by an exclusive silver imprint of the model number. The outsole, traditionally crepe, is replaced by commando rubber that is intended to improve durability and wearability.