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RG Sticker Pack

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RG Sticker Pack

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COSETTE (Antonio, Adrian, Bryan, Bronte, DJ, Marcus), artists from Vancouver, BC.)

Ask yourself: Who is currently keeping you safe? The police are an institution that have proved themselves only capable of providing safety and security to a select few. Abolish the police and prison industrial complex. Dissent is our duty.

Black Lives matter more than property, product, and capital. Black Lives Matter now and always.

All proceeds go to National Bail Out.

National Bail Out  is a Black-led and Black-centered collective of abolitionist lawyers and activists seeking to end systems of mass incarceration and pretrial detention that disproportionately affect Black people America. The NBO collective provides employment opportunities, community support, and leadership, with the end goal of reforming bail practices and eliminating pretrial detention.


HANA (Hana, artist from Vancouver, BC.)

I grew up in Vancouver and have witnessed the communities around us experience racism and discrimination in many forms. There has been a lack of immediate action, towards improvement in our Indigenous, Black and LGBTQ+ communities. However, we all know too well it does not stop here in Vancouver.

As I’ve begun living life and connecting with individuals of all groups, specifically the black community, my friendships have developed into deep and loving connections, and on countless occasions, I’ve been a confidant to the horrific stories of injustice both directly and indirectly affecting these individuals.

This one piece is from a collection, that depicts the pain and mental toll of oppression due to darker skin colour. Chain motifs and chaos surrounds the figures, leaving us to wonder how much more is left to see and do before being left completely drained. Watching on social media and being idle during a significant movement when you have the privilege to do so, means weare leaving those who need us to hang dry. This all feels really personal for me, and it soon became a means to connect with my circle of like-minded BIPOC friends through the ignorance we’ve faced. Now is an urgent time for us all to do more than the minimum for our brothers and sisters who are facing unimaginable pain, discrimination and violence. It is time for us to do better and hold others accountable.

All proceeds go to Black Women In Motion.

Black Women in Motion is a Toronto-based, youth led organization committed to the advancement of black women, while providing support for survivors of sexual violence. Focused on creating intersectional and inclusive spaces of education and healing for black women, BWIM is fully organized around Black women leadership and engagement. BWIM actively partners with community agencies and projects to fully eliminate discrimination at all organizational levels.


JYU (Max, artist from New York City.)


Black Lives Matter. Keep donating!

All proceeds to Black Art Futures.

Black Art Futures  is a community of philanthropists promoting the holistic celebration and preservation of Black arts and culture. Seeking to create a future where Black art and culture can thrive, its members secure funding through grant making, board-matching and organization-to donor cultivation, in order to provide grants of ($750k or less) to help support external organizations working to enhance Black arts and culture.



Lytchi (James, Dom, Raymund), artists based in Vancouver, BC.)

Lytchi, hailing from Asian descent, understands that our brand benefits from a culture, fundamentally cultivated through generations of African-American tradition and heritage.

Moreover, we understand that we cannot empathize with the injustice that the Black community has faced for centuries. Thus, standing in allyship, our submission hopes to use such privilege and opportunity to relay a positive message whilst moving the conversation forward.

All proceeds go to Black Arts Vancouver to aid in continuing their programs.

Black Arts Vancouver is a community-led organization working to support and foster the free expression of BIPOC youth, through volunteer led workshops and fully funded exhibition events. Focused on the construction of Black identity and narratives, BAV aims to cultivate a collaborative space where BIPOC youth can educate as well as engage in different forms ofBlack art and culture.


SATCHI SALUBRE (Satchi Salubre, artist from Vancouver, BC.)

I am a Filipino woman who had the privilege of studying design and am blessed to be able to share messages that matter. As we continue on this pursuit of justice, it is important that we aid the world with the right language of abolishment. This shirt provides just that and allows the viewer to seek more answers.

As the great Toni Morrison said, “...Just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.”

Power to all the Black voices silenced by police brutality.

All proceeds go to the National Congress of Black Women Foundation (NCBWF).

The National Congress of Black Women Foundation  was founded in Vancouver in 1984 to promote and facilitate activities and programs that advance and recognize Black women and their families. NCBWF is a registered charity, operating at the national level, that has been instrumental in enriching Vancouver’s black diaspora through community-based services, education fundraising, and training to help further its member’s leadership skills, community responsibility, and sense of social justice.

Shipping will begin July 6th, 2020.



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    RG Community

    Roden Gray Community is a shared platform of cultural connectivity. It is also a space of intersection for creative and disparate voices to come together in unified dialogue. Recent events have had us reflect on ways we could show our support. These curated, community-sourced releases are our first response to the ongoing issue of systemic racism. All purchases profits from these releases will go directly to artist chosen charities that further the greater Black Lives Matter movement.

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