Buyer's Log | NYC

Tuesday February 02, 2016

What's up NYC, here's some snaps from our most recent trip for our Fall Winter 2016 season! Luckily we were able to escape the blizzard and the weather was pretty good, no complaints all around with the sun! 

Common Project are as consistent as always!

We're excited to bring in the R13 collection in full, the denim line has been so strong with nice washes and comfort level over 100. 

Gitman Vintage's lookbook was shot beautifully this coming Fall and styling was on point! 

Next trip - Milan in March, stay tuned!

In-Store Exclusive | READY MADE REPRODUCTION | Fishtail Parka

Tuesday January 05, 2016


READYMADE was started in 2013 by Yuta Hosokawa, and the brand is based in Osaka. The brand does not do seasonal collections, but rather focuses on making iconic clothing and accessories in a way that causes the viewer and wearer to think. 

 Yuta's theme is "world peace," and it is one that encompasses all of his pieces.

Yuta takes the unique nature of the fabric, many stenciled with the names and serial numbers of the original owners, and focuses on creating unique pieces of carry-able art; even though the shapes may be the same, the unique material ensures that no two are alike. 

READYMADE is available exclusively in store, please e-mail for inquiries.