Inspiration | Daniel Arsham

Tuesday August 23, 2016


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years its quite possible that you have seen or heard of a Daniel Arsham artwork. The New York based multi disciplinary artist and film maker is best known for his future relic project and collaborations. Since his inception into the art community he has seen a lot of success and has collaborated with many notable figures in the art, design, music and fashion world. I was first put on to Arsham a few years back when I saw one of his Future Relic objects, a Spalding basketball with an eroded exterior complete with extensive detailing cast in white. It was intriguing yet relatable. From that point on I was hooked on his destructive yet well considered style. 



I feel like a lot of his aesthetic can be related to trends in the current realm of fashion. Trends including distressing and monochromatic hues are all clearly visible attributes in Arshams art. The post apocalyptic motifs are evident in many of the popular clothing collections seen today, Ye's Yeezy Season employs the same thought process as Arsham focussing on the possibility of a dystopian future, in contrast Margiela employs similar tactics with the use of pattern and distressed texture while pointing to a more utopian future.



Also known to be a sneaker enthusiast, his personal instagram account showcases a versatile sneaker collection including pieces by Raf Simmons, Adidas Yeezy, and exclusive Pharell NMD’s. The future relic sculptures he creates are inspired by everyday cultural objects, as well as personal interest, typically produced in white due to his colour blindness. Intricate with detail and satire, the decaying objects represent his views on the possibility of a desolate future. These items are highly covetable and are often seen in the homes of collectors and streetwear savants alongside the work of Kaws and Medicom toys.  



Arsham is also well know for co-founding the design agency Snarkitecture which has collaborated with a variety of big name retail and fine art spaces like the National Building Museum in Washington just to name a few. One of Snarkitectures most successful projects entitled “The Beach” was a site specific installation comprised of nearly a million translucent monochromatic plastic balls. Architecture is a common subject throughout his work: environments with eroded walls and stairs going nowhere, landscapes where nature overrides structures, and a general sense of playfulness within existing architecture. 


Many of his projects are on view throughout the world and his so be on the lookout the next time you find yourself in a prevalent art city. Arsham's first solo exhibition entitled “Circa 2345″ at Galerie Perrotin in New York City next month is certainly a must see. 


- Julian

Introducing | Larose Paris

Wednesday August 17, 2016


New to Roden Gray this season is an assortment of headwear from the Parisian hat makers over at Larose Paris, founded by designers Isaac Larose and Marc Beauge.

All Larose products are designed with a focus on attention to detail and fine craftsmanship in their Paris Studio and are assembled by experienced French artisans.


Larose Paris creates hats for the contemporary fashion realm to be appreciated by anyone who desires quality and unique products. This Fall Winter 2016 collection sees the use of premium materials like lambswool, casentino wool, and rabbit felt all finished with signature Larose detailing.

The selection of headwear will become a staple in any wardrobe, unisex design range from ready to wear 5 panel caps to tradition fedoras. Shop the Larose fall winter 2016 collection in store or online here

RG Sound | Best of SS16 Vol. 1

Friday August 12, 2016


Search for RGSound in Soundcloud via playlists and jam with our in-store mixes! Here's a compilation of our favorites this season! 


Inspiration | George Condo

Tuesday August 09, 2016


So I’ve been listening to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on repeat for the past 3 days with Runaway, Blame Game, and Lost in the World on different time frames of the day. You guys can hate on Kanye all you want but to be real, you'll need to respect his perspective and vision and the fact that he's just not listening to anybody? To prove my point, play any album from his any of his previous releases and tell me you can’t singalong or bob your head to any single, I’ll buy you coffee/pizza/ice cream; they say that all geniuses are crazy/mentally challenged in some ways and I guess he’s a pretty damn good example of that.


In addition to his vision in terms of musical talent, MBDTF has quite the story with the album art. Following Graduation, which Kanye worked with Murakami, George Condo created the artwork for this album. George Condo has been cited as taking inspiration from American caricature, Greek mythological characters, dark humor, and family portraits.


Coining the term “Artificial Realism”, or in other words the realistic representation of that which is artificial, his work daringly fuses the sensibilities of European Old Master painting with references to American pop culture, including Playboy magazine, Batman, and Bugs Bunny. Here's a video to give you a little BG check and his works, check it.

"Condos in my condo I want a row of." - Picasso Baby, Jay Z.


- Jacky outs. 


Wednesday August 03, 2016


Founded in 2012 by designer Henry Levy (also known as Henri Alexander), Enfants Riches Déprimés creates limited numbers of uniquely handcrafted tees, sweaters, and jackets with punk and nihilistic influences. Authenticity is a key ideology for the brand, with designs and graphics that can sometimes be perceived as controversial and slightly brazen. 

The Fall Winter 2016 Collection is now available in-store and online here.

Buyer's Log | John Elliott Season 9 - Watching Waters

Monday July 18, 2016


Elevating basics into fashion forward garments is no longer a strange thing for John Elliott. For the showing of his 9th collection, I had the chance of going back stage to watch it all happen from a different perspective - the angle of what really goes down, behind the scenes prior to the show.

I clocked in at 9:30am while the models were also arriving, two hours prior to John’s third runway show. Pusha T was already looking through the collection with John and Eugene Tong, the man who styled the entire show. Meanwhile, John goes over the collection entirely with Pusha and the models were starting to get their hair and make-up done.

John Elliott and Pusha T goes through the outfits for the show.

Models waiting for hair and makeup

Season 9, titled “Watching Waters,” is more of an epiphany for John, as he explains that the visionary inspiration came as a reflection after market week last season, while all the success and noise around him was slowly become a little overwhelming. The thought of luxury and success came to him, “What is luxury, and the definition at the end of the day? – it’s watching waters on a yacht” while making a reference to himself watching Jigga man’s Big Pimpin video in his senior years in high school. John also said that he didn’t want to create garments strictly for luxury - that's too obvious - but actual luxurious things that regular guys can wear, functional luxury that is understandable but still showing depth.

Just about an hour after I checked in backstage, more action was starting to pop off - the rundown of the walks on the run way (which was quite intense), and Eugene finalizing the details and footwear selection for outfits while shooting each look as they were completed. Yes, there were a lot going on and by this time, the energy was definitely climbing up, tense yet natural. 

While it was full throttle in the back with models, hair, and make up artists running around and plenty of media and press squads in the back getting the inside scoop, I decided to go up front to check out the set up for the stage. This year, in collaboration with Nate Brown’s creative studio Institute, John worked with Boiler Room and producer/recording artist Lee Bannon to produce a live soundtrack and stream. As the seating arrangements were being placed, plastic films from the mirrored walkway for the models were just being pulled away, with Lee testing out the soundtrack and speakers in the back.

The primary colors of blue and green weren’t the only standouts from this collection. Mineral wash inspired from the mid 90’s in pink, sand, olive and blue were also introduced for this season, right next to the usual black, white, and gray tones.

With attention to detail, fabrics and techniques were chosen and used in relation to the theme - needle punch as a technique with embroidery through sweaters, hoodies, and jackets was used. This was something they discovered in Japan, a craft very similar to laser perforation but more precise in execution, as each of the holes were done by hand. John also went out and embroidered the emblems of 60 yacht clubs from around the world in one of the jackets this season, to speak out on his interpretation and intention to its full extent.

As I made my way up front to the show, familiar faces such as Poggy from United Arrows, Virgil Abloh of Off-White, Nick Wooster, Tommy Ton and the ex-Finals MVP Andre Iguodala, were all popping out in the front rows seats across from me. 

It was quite unreal to watch everything unfold as each model walked down the runway with the complete look. Big ups to John and Nobu for their dedication and vision to come up with what I think is their strongest collection by far. Thanks to Mike and Janet for their hospitality for inviting me backstage. After the show was finished, the buzz was now for reals in the back, John being surrounded by press coverage, friends, family, celebrities and the whole nine yards.

Clearly, with his charismatic laughs and the energy in the room - John Elliott is making waves.  


View the stream here.
Check out the looks here.

-Jacky outs.

Trend Alert: Collaboration Season

Wednesday July 06, 2016

The new trend this season seems to be collaborations. In particular collaborations with brands that were popular in the 90s Hip-Hop and Rave scene. Modern brands such as Gosha Rubchinsky, Off-White and Vetements collabrate with FilaUmbro, Juicy, Levi's, CarharttEastpak, Dr. Martens, Reebok, and Hanes to name a few. What could they possibly think of next? Perhaps a Vetements collaboration with Roden Gray?