Focus | nanamica

Tuesday April 14, 2015

Launched in 2005, Nanamica was born from humble and diverse roots as a line of basics that helped to round out the selections in their collaboration centric store in the Daikenyama district of Tokyo. With an understanding that "sports", "work" and "military" must be the three key aspects for inspiration in men's clothing, they began experimenting with modern technical fabrics such as GoreTex and Wind-Stopper and how best to combine them with more traditional materials like cotton and nylon in order to create clothing with both proper function and aesthetics. 

People began to take notice, demand began to increase and with it, the size of their collections. Today the line encompasses everything from the iconic cycling bags, outerwear, tailored goods, classic button up shirts, daily essentials pieces and accessories. 



With attention to detail and subtle ingenuity, Nanamica has managed to successfully blend a traditional design ethos with technical functionality, creating an aesthetic that is appreciated all over the world.


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Coming Soon | Engineered Garments SS 15

Tuesday April 14, 2015

Drawing inspiration from the British army in India, Engineered Garment's SS15 collection contains an interesting blend of design innovation and quality manufacturing, including the army's khaki mil-spec gear with bright colors and kalamkari and paisley prints. 


Stay tuned for further updates on the release! 


Tuesday April 14, 2015


As part of a neighbourhood that is consistently named one of the most unique and stylish in the world, we've always been proud to call Gastown our home, and on Thursday, April 16, we'll be joining other local shops and restaurants for the twice-yearly Gastown Shop Hop celebrations. For one day only, we'll be offering up to 20% off on new Spring merchandise.

Our doors will be open until 9pm on that day, so there will be plenty of time to drop by the shop to grab a deal. Subscribe to our mailer if you haven't already to receive the discount code for online purchases. 

*Cannot be applied to previous purchases. Excludes Thom Browne, Monocle products and all magazines. 

Feature | Luke Meier of OAMC with Fucking Young!

Tuesday April 14, 2015

Last week, Luke Meier (creative director of OAMC) sat down with the folks at Fucking Young! for a little interview on street style, here's a glimpse of it: 

FY! - If I tell you streetstyle, what do you reply to me?
LM – A term that creates an incorrect image of what certain brands do. It’s also something that I feel is undervalued by the established fashion world. To me, streetstyle is where everything starts; it’s the most creative and genuine form of expression through fashion. It’s also an honest reflection of culture; fashion and streetstyle grow from other forms of creation and culture, like music or skateboarding. When I think of “streetstyle” or “streetwear” now, it has a negative connotation of a bad t-shirt brand. When I started at Supreme in the late 90s, this term wasn’t used; we just cared about making great pieces, which is what we continue to do at OAMC.
FY! - Streetstyle, innovation, and tradition. OAMC merges functionality with luxurious materials, modern construction & high aesthetic consideration. How would you define your current mood? Who is the man that you want to wear OAMC?
LM – My current mood is that I’m tired of disposable, useless things. There are simply too many unnecessary things in all of our lives and we really need to get back to what’s important. Anyone who appreciates high quality, contemporary clothes can wear OAMC, and I’m most pleased if that represents a wide range of people.

Read the full interview here.

New Arrivals | London Undercover

Tuesday April 07, 2015

London Undercover was established by designer Jamie Milestone in 2008 with the aim to turn around the umbrella and return to its rightful position as a fashion accessory, bringing life to what is generally perceived as a boring, disposable, last minute item. 

The British Woodland Camoufalge, is a tribute to the retirement of a pattern comprised of four basic western European temperate colors that has been in existence since the 1960s. The City Gent British Woodland sees the application of original camo patterns over the English-made Ministry of Defence fabric, with a beech wood shaft and natural Malacca wood handle. 



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