Barena Venezia

Founded in Venice in 1961 by Sandro Zara, Barena Venezia rediscovers the versatility and function of the clothes worn by its citizens in the 19th and 20th centuries and beyond. The name Barena references the original topography of Venice, a lagoon area that was between land and water. Relaxed and unstructured, yet tailored and impeccable, this Italian label remains distinct amongst its contemporaries. Special attention is paid to local culture and traditions, and many of the pieces from this line are updated interpretations of old images found in museums and antique books.

As a long-time supporter of Italy's trademark textile industry, Barena uses only the highest quality natural fabrics for their garments. With their sharp focus on history and the rediscovery of Venetian tradition, they also look to some of Veneto's most prestigious mills, which are no longer active today, and reproduce wools from their archives for exclusive use in their collection. All this combines to produce clothes that are steeped in history, yet functional for the modern man.