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Raf Simons


Belgian designer Raf Simons began his career in furniture and industrial design, moving into menswear design in 1995 with no formal education on the subject. This outsider approach to fashion has only to served to help form his innovative aesthetic of modern proportions and new shapes. Changing the perception of masculinity by fusing youth culture with traditional menswear, Simons creates cutting-edge designs with flawless tailoring and a unique point of view.

For Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2017 collection the collection can be seen as representative of two distinct yet intersecting concepts; Simons' love of New York and a more general appreciation of a punk lifestyle or aesthetic. Our delivery features knit sweaters featuring a subverted image of the "I (heart) New York" slogan, tee shirts with a graphic of the classic "Thank You" branding, and even rolls of duct tape with the sayings "WALK WITH ME" and "YOUTH PROJECT". Another influence behind the collection, and one that is part of the punk lifestyle, is finding and using one's voice. The fact that the collection predominantly features typography as the dominant graph asserts this, as does the direct branding of the duct tape. For Simons, this "lowest materialisation" offers a unique way to assert oneself in an ever changing society, to play with the norms traditionally associated with high fashion and even subvert what it means to present and consume designer garments.